Breaking the cycle for females who have offended

Police and Crime Commissioner, Donna Jones is investing in the roll out of a new programme to stop females from reoffending.

JUNO has been designed by Hampton Trust to meet the unique vulnerabilities of female offenders. It aims to transform the current criminal justice response to female offenders across Hampshire. JUNO provides a trauma informed environment to ensure women with complex trauma histories feel safe and supported while they address the causes of their offending through the nine ‘pathways to reoffending’.

  1. education, training and employment
  2. accommodation
  3. health
  4. drugs and alcohol support services
  5. finance and benefits
  6. children and families
  7. attitudes, thinking and behaviour
  8. sexual exploitation
  9. domestic abuse

Women who receive a conditional caution are referred to Hampton Trust to receive support via JUNO. Specialist practitioners work with them to build their skills in emotional management and believe in their ability to control their lives and achieve their goals. The women engage in two workshops and additional support is provided to access specialist services.

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