Hampton Trust has been working with domestic abuse perpetrators for the last 25 years. Experience of working alongside colleagues across services, suggests a lack of confidence in engaging domestic abuse perpetrators in their behaviour to successfully ‘nudge’ them into specialist services provided by Hampton Trust.  We want to avoid perpetrators accessing a range of services and slipping through the net.  By adopting a standardised and multi-agency response to identifying and engaging domestic abuse perpetrators within services, less victims will remain under the radar.

Hampton Trust Domestic Abuse Routine Enquiry (DARE) Toolkit is designed to assist professionals working in a range of settings to develop increased confidence and competencies in being able to identify and engage domestic abuse perpetrators within their services.  By building professional competences, Hampton Trust is calling on all front-line services to adopt the ‘Domestic Abuse Routine Enquiry’ (DARE) toolkit.

DARE training is delivered by Hampton Trust specialist Practitioners who are highly experienced in assessing and working with standard and high-risk perpetrators both within and outside of the criminal justice system.  The DARE Toolkit is delivered as three compulsory workshops.  Upon completion of core workshops, professionals can attend a further three enhanced workshops to expand their learning.

We are ambitious in what DARE can achieve and are inviting whole teams across services to attend training and to test the benefits of incorporating the DARE Toolkit into their practice. Once you are booked on to the first workshop you will remain with the same group for the further two workshops. Upon completion of DARE training, participants will receive the DARE Toolkit to adopt in their daily practice.

DARE Toolkit Training

We are offering training to a range of front-line professionals, enabling them to incorporate the DARE Toolkit as a ‘first response’ model in their service delivery. We want to build professional confidence in talking ‘domestic abuse’ with all clients accessing services, whether it be for housing, substance misuse, mental health, or any other types of support, not specifically domestic abuse related.  Training will also be delivered to social care teams and front-line services working with families experiencing domestic abuse. Training consists of three half day workshops which each build on the previous one.  Core modules include:

  • How to identify domestic  abuse perpetrators
  • How to explore risks & context associated with domestic abuse perpetrators
  • How to engage domestic abuse perpetrators and nudge them into specialist services

Core modules will be delivered weekly allowing professionals to complete the training within one month.  The DARE toolkit is designed to enable professionals to feel confident in engaging in exploratory conversations with all clients accessing services. Through implementing DARE into their practice, professionals will be able to explore with service users whether they have been abusive historically or identify as being abusive in current relationships.

The DARE Toolkit does not require professionals to deliver in depth specialist work with domestic abuse perpetrators, rather it provides the tools to identify, engage and refer perpetrators on to specialist local services, such as Hampton Trust, designed to support behaviour change.  Individuals who have completed core modules are able to access further training should they wish.  Enhanced modules include:

  • Understanding the links between Adverse Childhood Experiences & domestic abuse perpetrators using a Trauma Informed Approach
  • Understanding referral pathways for domestic abuse perpetrators using PPIT (Priority Perpetrator Identification Toolkit)
  • Understanding domestic abuse typologies

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‘It was great to train with a mix of professionals. I’ve learnt how to engage with perpetrators and sign post them from day one!!’

‘I’ve learnt how to signpost and support perpetrators to get help. DARE has enabled me to do more.’

‘I’m taking away powerful tools to support my role in engaging perpetrators.’

‘The trainers were fully engaging and enthusiastic.’


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