CYP ISVA: Emilia’s story

Hampton Trust received a referral for a young women who had experienced sexual abuse from a family member. At the time of the referral, Emilia was extremely vulnerable, suffering with anxiety, and self-harming. Emilia was initially unsure about the ISVA support as she had been let down by many people personally and professionally within her […]

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JUNO: Jill’s story

Following Jill’s referral by the police, JUNO practitioners had several telephone support sessions with her before the first workshop. Jill was very nervous and was therefore advised to arrive early in order to give herself plenty of time to settle in, have a hot drink and become comfortable with the environment before the other participants […]

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Breaking the cycle of abuse: Why early intervention needs to take place even earlier

At the beginning of this year, the Home Office provided funding to Police and Crime Commissioners to increase the availability of perpetrator intervention schemes in their areas. Whilst this is a necessary and welcome step, we believe that prevention and intervention has to start even earlier – before a perpetrator becomes a perpetrator. One year […]

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ADAPT: Robert’s story

Right from the offset, Robert was agitated about his referral to Hampton Trust’s ADAPT programme. For the first few months he didn’t contribute during the sessions, and his understanding of the topics was questionable. It was very clear that he didn’t want to be there. “I was referred to The Hampton Trust during a very […]

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Hampton Trust teams up with Southampton Family Hubs to address gender-based violence and help keep women safe

Hampshire-based domestic abuse charity Hampton Trust have teamed up with Southampton City Council’s Family Hubs to tackle domestic abuse in the city. During the last three months, the charity has trained the majority of Family Hub staff members, Children and Families First and Health and Social Care teams in using their innovative DARE Toolkit when […]

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