We understand that you may have found yourself in a situation where you need help to look at how you are behaving in your relationships.  This is not an easy thing to do.  We are here to offer support and help you make the first step in a journey to create a healthy relationship.  Our services have helped many people over the years improve their relationships and to avoid using abuse.

If you live in Hampshire or Southampton, then you are able to access our services.  Once we receive your referral we will arrange an assessment appointment with you to work out what is the most helpful way forward.  Following assessment, you will be offered the most appropriate support for your personal circumstances.  We offer different types of group work and also individual support if this is more suitable.  During your first meeting with us we will explain your options.  We are not here to judge you, instead we want to help you reflect on why you are behaving in the way you are and to guide you to make positive changes. 


Throughout your time with The Hampton Trust if you have concerns about anything you are able to access dedicated Mentors who can support you throughout the programme. Our mentoring service provides regular calls to all clients and can be accessed even after the intervention has been completed. Mentors are contactable all year round.

Where do we work?

When we receive your referral we will contact you to arrange an assessment interview (approximately 2 hours).  This will be during office hours at a suitable location.  At the end of the assessment, we will suggest the most

How to refer?

To make a referral for yourself or a client, please complete the fields below. It is important to note the following:-

  • We cannot accept a referral for anyone who has an outstanding criminal charge
  • We cannot accept a referral for anyone who has a Court Order with a requirement to complete Building Better Relationships with Probation
  • All individuals being referred need to be available to attend a two hour appointment during office hours
  • All referrals are made with the acknowledgement that The Hampton Trust will make contact with the partner/ex-partner of the person being referred

Not sure where to turn?

Contact us or our Partners today to get advice and find out what support is available to you.

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