19th September 2019 – Charity Skydive for The Hampton Trust – Thank you note from Fleur

Together we raised £1016 to help The Hampton Trust break the cycle of abuse!

To all the heroes who donated to this cause, The Hampton Trust and myself are incredibly grateful and humbled by your support and kindness!

Thanks to all of you, we managed to exceed the goal of raising £1000 for The Hampton Trust! I’m truly overwhelmed at how many people joined in to show their solidarity- immense gratitude to you all. It really means so very much to have people come together to say “I’m in”! Thank you for your words of encouragement too- that motivation goes a long way! I could not have done this without you. Every penny of the money raised goes to a really worthy cause, and one that I staunchly believe in; not only because I was once privileged to be a part of this team (and I still am occasionally, as I can’t keep away!!)- but also because the work they do truly helps to rebuild lives, spreading hope and healing for a brighter future.

At the crux of their cause lies togetherness, courage and unity for a kinder and more empathetic world. They are a small, humble team who work relentlessly and passionately, and I believe they deserve recognition and respect for what they do…So, it has been an honour to be able to show my continued support to them and champion their cause! Thanks to all of you supporting my jump, you made it possible for us to make a difference! Thank you so much!!!

And finally, the “other” good news: I survived the jump! Last Thursday was a glorious day… a perfect day to take a leap of faith, and happily I landed in one piece (yay!)

Thank you from myself and The Hampton Trust Team











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