ADAPT: Robert’s story

Right from the offset, Robert was agitated about his referral to Hampton Trust’s ADAPT programme. For the first few months he didn’t contribute during the sessions, and his understanding of the topics was questionable. It was very clear that he didn’t want to be there.

“I was referred to The Hampton Trust during a very acrimonious custody battle. Initially, I believed that I should not be there and it was all a waste of time.”

The turning point in Robert’s journey came during the module exploring emotional abuse. He started to engage with the sessions and soon became one of the key contributors and leads within the group work programme, challenging other men and guiding them through their journey of change.

“Through group work and thought-provoking real world exercises, I came to the realisation that my prior behaviours had been detrimental to my former partner and had a negative impact on my son. This was difficult for a ‘man’ to accept. With the confidential, non-judgemental support and expertise provided by the group leaders, I was able to take a long hard look at myself and start addressing the issues that I can control. During this period of self-examination it became clear that there were other issues in my life that had overwhelmed me and urgently needed to be addressed.”

After completing the programme, Robert was referred to other support services to help him address other areas in his life that needed to be looked at and maintain the path of change that he was on.

“Fortunately, the Hampton Trust facilitated extra support which included counselling and access to an external outreach practitioner. This has been the turning point for me. Out of a seemingly intractable situation, I am now in the position of steadily rebuilding my life and starting a whole new chapter. This positive outcome could have been very different. I am indebted to the Hampton Trust & their affiliates for helping me get back on an even keel and the incredible (ongoing) support, guidance and wisdom!”

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