Hampton Trust tackles violent crime in Southampton – Southern Daily Echo – 7th December 2020

Efforts are underway to stop violent criminals reoffending.

A new scheme has been launched to reduce violent reoffending in Southampton. The Beyond the Behaviour programme gives six weeks of intensive support to young adults on probation for serious violence offences, including carrying knives.

Delivered by Hampton Trust it aims to tackle the underlying issues these offenders face and drive them to crime. This often includes significant trauma in early years, such as physical and emotional abuse. The project Brings together police, probation, education health and local authorities together to work with offenders under the age of 25.

Chantal Hughes, Hampton Trust Chief Executive, added: “We have been using this approach to engage young people for the last two decades. We know that violence and anti-social behaviour is frequently used as a survival strategy learned in response to adverse childhood experiences. Hampton Trust practitioners engage young people to enable them to understand the links between their complex trauma histories and criminal behaviour. This approach is designed to provide opportunities to develop protective barriers and build resilience with the aim of desistance from crime. Sadly, many young adults we are working with have experienced significant trauma, including domestic abuse as children”.


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