Little Seeds of Hope plant sale raises £1000 for The Hampton Trust

Having planted far too many seeds this year as a result of excess lock down time on her hands, Jo Griffith thought people who had been unable to access garden centres during the last few weeks would like to buy seedlings from her home and in return donate a little money to help people who are suffering domestic abuse.

From May 22nd Jo set up a table outside the wall of her garden (Thatched Walls, Stoke) and left it loaded with seedlings and young plants. Jo advertised the event locally and set up her just giving page asking people to help themselves and make a donation to this much needed cause.

Jo talked on her just giving page about how sadly, but understandably domestic abuse charities such as The Hampton Trust have seen a huge increase in calls and online requests for help during the lockdown. Victims are suffering both physically and emotionally in homes that are not places of safety. During lockdown many of the traditional escape routes of work, school and socialising have been cut off. This was one of the reasons for her supporting us.

We wanted to thank Jo Griffith for all her fundraising over the weekend! £1000 raised!!!!!! We are truly grateful for Jo’s support, and very humbled by the generosity of those that donated.

The money that’s been raised can fund 5 phone lines for the next 12 months for the additional capacity needed to respond to the increased victim contact within our service.

Thank you Jo from The Hampton Trust team. Your little seeds of hope blossomed this weekend through the generosity of yourself and others.

If you are inspired by Jo’s story then please visit our fundraising page for some hints and tips on how you can get involved.





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