Article 30th July 2019

I Am Nicola aired last week on Channel 4 delivering a gripping but real portrayal of a coercive relationship. The drama, which stars Vicky McClure, struck a chord with viewers, for its depiction of an abusive relationship through a non-physical lens and a domestic abuse advocate has praised the show for platforming the rarely understood issue.

Chantal Hughes, CEO of domestic abuse charity The Hampton Trust told ‘It is refreshing that there was an attempt to illustrate domestic abuse without any threat of violence.’

Created by Dominic Savage, McClure plays Nicola and her partner Adam is played by Perry Fitzpatrick. The pair are stuck in a dysfunctional relationship which sees Adam manipulate Nicola, isolate her from her friends and prevent her from doing ordinary things like going to the gym. ‘Coercive control has only been enshrined in legislation in the last couple of years and it was a prime opportunity to illustrate that to a broad audience,’ Chantal explained. ‘It is so subtle and nuanced that not even criminal justice agencies like the police have even gotten their heads around tackling it in its entirety.’

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