What is JUNO?

JUNO is an early intervention programme created specifically for women who have entered the criminal justice system as a result of their minor offending. Referrals for JUNO come exclusively from Hampshire Police. JUNO is a rehabilitative and supportive project that acknowledges and is sensitive to women’s needs, including complex trauma histories.

How Does it help?

JUNO designed to help women:

  • Understand the wider influencing factors that led to their offence so that they can avoid finding themselves in other unsafe situations in the future.
  • Think about what they may need to do in order to keep themselves safe and identify any areas in which they may need support with.
  • Access any additional support they may need. This may include safety planning, advice, advocacy, signposting, or actively helping with referrals to other agencies.

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Phone or Text our Coordinators

Phone: Jenise:07375451527
Email: jenise.hutchinson@hamptontrust.org.uk

Phone: Debbie: 07495 487 611
Email: debbie.willis@hamptontrust.org.uk

JUNO leaflet

Case Studies

See for yourself how the work of the Hampton Trust has transformed lives for the better

Physical and verbal violence towards their family has ended

D was referred to LINX and displaying a lot of verbal and physical aggression towards a family member on a daily basis. Through engagement with LINX D spent time evaluating how his behaviour impacts both on himself and others. We also focused on D’s self-esteem and goal aspirations; and throughout our work we have paid […]

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Taking steps to address his behaviour

A received a Conditional Caution to attend CARA. A had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and was living with his partner. They had a daughter and a were expecting a second child. A engaged positively throughout workshop A, he was honest about the incident leading to arrest and said that he wanted to […]

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Accessing local services for additional support

D received a Conditional Caution to attend CARA. D had split from his partner and had continued to contact her following their separation even though she had asked him to stop. D arrived at workshop early and in a high state of anxiety. D disclosed being extremely frightened of what the workshop was about and […]

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Accessing additional support to make changes

C received a Conditional Caution to attend CARA. During the CARA sessions C engaged well and was reflective about his circumstances. He recognised stressors in his relationship associated to his habitual drug dependency and that he wanted to get help. C also disclosed childhood sexual abuse and recognised that he needed help to address this. […]

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