What is LINX?

You may be struggling with different things in your life that are impacting on how you are feeling and behaving. Someone may have suggested that LINX can help you. LINX sessions include group discussions and interactive exercises rather than lots of reading and writing. They involve you thinking about what is happening for you at the moment and what support you might need. Throughout the LINX workshops we will look at what help you need to achieve your goals and to make positive changes.

Why should I attend LINX?

LINX is designed to help you to think about things from a different viewpoint. LINX facilitators are really friendly and won’t judge you. Instead they encourage you to join in and to think about what support you need to make things easier for you. LINX is very much an opportunity, not a punishment. When you attend LINX you will be helped to think about your current situation and if there are things you would like to change. Most young people that attend LINX find it really helpful. They even say that they would like it to be longer.

How long is the course?

LINX is a 12-week programme. Sessions take place weekly and last around one hour. Each week LINX facilitators discuss different topics. The Empathy Wall in the picture below is a magnetic board and is used as an interactive tool to help understand what is being discussed.

What if I don’t like group work?

Many people are anxious about group work. This is normal. Groups will be very small with no more than ten people in them. LINX facilitators won’t judge you, instead they will listen to what has happened to you and try and help you. They are friendly and non-judgmental.

Who can I contact if I have any questions/problems?

Please contact the office on 023 80 00 1061 or 023 80 00 9898. Office hours are 9-5pm, Monday– Friday. If you ring outside these hours then please leave a message with your name and a contact number.


Not sure where to turn?

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