Since 2011, Hampton Trust has worked with many clients who have experienced sexual violence and abuse, providing support and guidance that is specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

Experiencing sexual violence and abuse is a traumatic experience and survivors often feel isolated and overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next.

Our team of Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) work with children and young people as well as adults. We are an inclusive service offering support to anyone who wishes to access our service and who has experienced sexual abuse, irrespective of whether that be recently, a long time ago, or through domestic sexual abuse.

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Our service offers independent advice and support to help survivors make informed choices about what happens next, irrespective of whether they are reporting to the police and would like support to navigate the criminal justice system or whether they have chosen not to report.

The ISVAs ensure survivors have a safe space to consider their options and feel supported to make decisions that feel right for them.

If applicable, the ISVAs help survivors navigate their criminal justice journey, ensuring they are supported every step of the way.

Our aim as an ISVA is to empower survivors by rebuilding self-confidence and self-worth, offering them choices where they feel they have no voice, and enabling survivors to gain back control over their own lives and futures

Asked Questions

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Thank you for everything. I had so many services let me down, but you stayed with me during my whole journey and restored my faith in a service. I will miss working with you and I will definitely recommend you to people, so they know where to get excellent support.

Who is it for?

The ISVA service is available to all Isle of Wight residents who have experienced sexual violence or abuse, irrespective of whether the incident happened recently or historically. We are an inclusive service for all regardless of age, gender or sexuality.

Where is it available?

Our ISVA service is available to all residents on the Isle of Wight.

How long is it?

The support offered through our ISVA service is based on the individual needs of each client, and there is no set time limit.

What happens during the service?

The ISVA works directly with the client, helping them to decide what next steps might be best to take and how support can be tailored to best meet their needs.

They are there to listen and offer practical advice and reassurance.

Tailored support can include:

  • Providing information and advice on reporting to the police, the legal process and  attending court
  • Signposting and referring to counselling and other relevant services
  • Helping to coordinate different agencies, such as sexual health, mental health, substance misuse and housing
  • Support through the criminal investigation if you choose to report
  • Regular face-to-face, phone and text contact
  • One-to-one support work based on the client’s needs
How can I refer myself or someone else?

Anyone who is a victim or survivor of sexual violence or abuse can self-refer to the ISVA service.

Referrals are also accepted by other agencies, such as police; however, please note that all agency referrals must be made with the client’s consent.

Child and young person referral form

Adult 18+ years referral form

Want to find out more?

For further information about ISVA,
please email [email protected]
or call 023 8000 9898.

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