Southern Daily Echo – England legend Ian Wright’s charity visit for BBC show – 9 June 2021

FORMER Arsenal and England striker turned broadcaster Ian Wright visited a Southampton charity as part of his documentary on domestic abuse.

Hampton Trust appeared in Home Truths, which described the ex footballer’s personal experience of growing up in a psychologically abusive and violent home and examined how different people are trying to deal with domestic abuse.

The organisation runs courses for people who are at risk of committing, or have already committed, abuse.

Vicky Gilroy, Senior Domestic Abuse Practitioner at Hampton Trust, who featured in the documentary, told the Daily Echo: “We see a lot of behaviours that individuals don’t recognise as abuse. Our job is to help them in understanding that.”

“It’s a very grave problem. “We know that every six seconds a woman is assaulted in this country – that’s without even taking into account coercive control.

Daily Echo:

“We are working at giving perpetrators skills and strategies that they can put in place within the family environment so that it reduces the exposure of their children to abuse. If we can reduce that exposure, those children are going to have better life chances

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