‘The Hampton Trust were excellent and engaging’

The Hampton Trust delivered training at the North East Hampshire Domestic Abuse Forum last week to a variety of professionals. Focusing on “Engaging with Young People who are Victims or Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence”. The aims of the sessions were to gain an understanding of young people’s domestic abuse victimisation, to gain an understanding of young people’s domestic abuse perpetration, to learn techniques for building trust with young people, to learn from research finding and to hear about different support options. The focus was specifically 16-25 year olds.

Jenna introduced the impacts of domestic abuse on children growing up in a family setting where abuse was present. Leading on to discuss how this manifests itself in 16-25 years old, what you notice about these young people coming through services and how these young adults may struggle with or lack empathy due to ‘building a wall’ around them as a result of their negative experiences. National research by the NSPCC and Big Lotto was discussed in relation to the findings that individuals who had grown up in an abusive relationship are more likely to enter into an abusive relationship themselves. The importance of working with perpetrators of domestic abuse was also discussed in order to stop abuse continuing and impacting on future partners and children.

Samantha focused on the LINX Gateway and the aims of the workshop. Discussing how The Hampton Trust work responsively to client’s needs, ensuring we take a trauma informed approach as well as being mindful of the potential for ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) within the group. The LINX Empathy wall was used as a visual to explain how we encourage clients to identify their own risk factors and what areas of their life they require extra support with. The issue of motivating our clients was discussed along with positive feedback received from clients thus far. Finally, the findings from the pilot so far were discussed, specifically in relation to the number of young people having experienced domestic abuse and mental health problems. The audience were then asked to reflect on how uncomfortable and difficult it feels to make changes in our own life and to use that learning when working with this age group.

Debbie explored the objectification of women and children and how socialisation of boys and girls differs in society today. The impact of this objectification and differing socialisation was also discussed, specifically in relation to the attitudes men and women grow up with. The impact of the media in today’s society was also discussed in relation to the influence on 16-24 year olds and how this is worked with on our perpetrator programme.

Another great example of The Hampton Trust increasing professional’s knowledge on the impact of Domestic Abuse. Here’s what those attending had to say:

‘Best training I’ve done in years’
‘Really enjoyed the day’
‘Extremely good speakers’
‘The Hampton Trust were excellent and engaging’
‘Thank you for an amazing training day which was very interactive, motivational and thought provoking with lots of ideas to implement’.

Well done Debbie, Jenna and Samantha on promoting The Hampton Trust and the great work that we do.


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